Track Chair : Soumya Banerjee (Workz, Ireland)

The judicious blending of multi-facet connected devices, petaflops of computing resources and advanced communication capabilities that enable real-time interactions, is leading to the creation of systems on a scale and complexity level. Those configured systems significantly outperform the ability of humans to fully comprehend and control. Management and operation of these systems require an extremely high degree of intelligent automation.  This track focuses on recent researches in Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to new generation networks and systems. It will offer discussions of the latest developments in research and technology that are related to using AI in all networks and systems including 5G, Industrial IoT, CPS, Cloud, etc.
The topics of this track include, but are not limited to:

  • AI/ML for 4G, 5G and 6G confutation control
  • AI/ML for Smart cities ambiance and Security
  • AI/ML for Industrial Internet of Things in manufacturing
  • AI/ML for Vehicular networks and Connected Cars for security and network management
  • AI/ML for Virtual systems
  • AI/ML for Cloud computing for cache control and regulation
  • AI/ML for Ubiquitous Computing and Sensor Networks
  • AI/ML for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • AI /ML for Mobile computing and Mobile Cloud computing
Track on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for new Generation Networks and Systems