Track Chair : Dijiang Huang (Arizona State University, USA)

This track aims at examining new technologies and applications in new generations of networks and systems like in 5G, 6G, Industrial Internet of Things, Cyber physical systems, automotive systems, smart cities, smart health system, smart grid, etc. All services, architectures and applications that can be deployed in these systems are related to this track. The topics of this track include, but are not limited to:

  • 5G and 6G Networks
  • Networks and Cloud computing
  • Virtualization and Cloud computing
  • Fog Computing and Fog-based System and Architectures
  • Modeling and Performance Evaluation
  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Software Defined Networks (Tools, Software, Concepts)
  • Cooperative Networking and Self-Organizing Networks
  • Ubiquitous Computing and Sensor Networks
  • Internet of Things and Optical Networks
  • Vehicular networks and Connected Cars Smart Cities
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Digital twins based systems
  • Cyber Physical Systems.
Track on Technologies and Applications for new Generation Networks and Systems